• 6 Ways to Camouflage Your Upper Arms

    6 Ways to Camouflage Your Upper Arms

    All of the women that I work with, no matter what size they are, have some type of body image issue. There’s a game that I used to play with my friends (I’ll admit, sometimes this topic comes up and we still play it) and it goes like this: if you were able to change one part of our body, what would it be? The answer for many - to slenderize their upper arms. So guess what, if you feel the same way know that you are not alone. And then know that there are various ways to use clothing...

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  • What is your body shape?

    What is your body shape?

    Understanding your body shape is step number 1 to knowing what types of clothes will flatter your beautiful body. Once you know your shape, then you can save time and money by only buying the cuts and silhouettes of clothes that you know will look fabulous on you. And your shape has nothing to do with size; the same principles apply across the board, and they are the very same principles that I use when I style my clients.
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