6 Ways to Camouflage Your Upper Arms

6 Ways to Camouflage Your Upper Arms

All of the women that I work with, no matter what size they are, have some type of body image issue. There’s a game that I used to play with my friends (I’ll admit, sometimes this topic comes up and we still play it) and it goes like this: if you were able to change one part of our body, what would it be? The answer for many - to slenderize their upper arms. So guess what, if you feel the same way know that you are not alone. And then know that there are various ways to use clothing to camouflage your larger upper arms.

I’ve compiled a list of 6 types of sleeves that do just the trick. When shopping online, you can plug these terms into the search engine (this is how I shop for my clients after creating an organized list of needed items), or when shopping in-person, you can be on the lookout for these types of sleeves.

Below I list the 6 sleeve types with shoppable links. If you buy any of them let me know – I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at mymarciano@gmail.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram @miriammarciano.stylist


  1. Ruched Sleeves

Sleeves with ruching tend to be roomier and the diagonal lines that the ruching create further visually minimize larger spaces.

Here are some shoppable examples of sleeves with ruching including.

English Factory Ruched Long Sleeve Sweater

Open Edit Ruched Sleeve Sweatshirt

CK Plus Ruched Sleeve Top


  1. Vertical lines

Vertical lines visually break up width. Therefore, vertical lines coming down a sleeve will break up the width of the arm, and, at the same time, visually elongate the arm (double the points).

Adidas 3 stripe sweater

Halogen sleeve stripe blouse

Marc Cain Striped Sleeve Dress


  1. Blouson sleeve or Volume sleeve

These types of sleeves are super on trend right now, and will, therefore, be the easiest to shop. The extra fabric gives room for the arm while the skinny cuff at the end works to slenderize the arm as well. Easy winner.

Calvin Klein volume sleeve sweater

Adina LV Blouson Sleeve Dress

Marks and Spencer Blouson Sleeve dress

Plus Size LB Blouson Sleeve Dress

Plus Size Eloquii Blouson Sleeve Dress


  1. Butterfly Sleeve

Unfortunately, the butterfly sleeve, while gorgeous, is not so easy to find. Impact Fashion has a dress with these sleeves, however, and it does not disappoint.

Impact Fashion Flutter Dress


  1. Dolman Sleeve

While I don’t recommend dolman sleeves for women who want to appear taller (they visually shorten) or women with large busts (they tend to enlarge already big busts), they are great for camouflaging wide upper arms.

Asos Dolman and Volume sleeve striped sweater

Plus Dolman Sleeve Hoodie Sweater

Maya's Place Eden Top


  1. Strong or extended shoulder

Strong Shoulders or Extended Shoulders extend to the widest part of the arm (or further) which adds dimension and changes the contour of the arm. This visual effect causes the arm to appear smaller than it actually.

Plus Eloquii Strong Shoulder Sweater Dress

Aqua Strong Shoulder Sweater

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