About Us

Clothes that focus on flattering your body do more than just cover you. They highlight your assets and compliment your core. We, at SAMI, know the power of a well cut garment and the confidence that it brings you. When your clothes flatter you in all of the right places, you throw back your shoulders and you own your day.

A few years ago, Sarah and I were lamenting the fact that there were no flattering modest pieces on the market that fit our aesthetic. Our father, who raised us with the belief that we can do anything we set our minds to, told us that we should create them ourselves and bring them to the world. It took a few years of dreaming, planning, and forming connections, but here we are today, bringing you clothes that are designed to look amazing on you.

As children, one of our favorite activities was cutting and sewing clothing out of felt fabric for our dolls. Then we’d have a fashion show, with our mother as the designated judge (much like Project Runway). She’d compliment us on our creativity, give us constructive feedback, and in the end, it was always a tie (ever the diplomat). Today, we know a little more about proportions, colors, and textures, and creating real clothes for real women has become a passion.

When working on the concept of each design, we focus on combining fashion, function, and flattering features. Our fabrics go through rigorous testing to pass the comfort test (even with sensory issues), and durability tests, with repeated washings. We take care of all of the work for you. So when you put on your SAMI, you are living your best life.