Brunch to Beach Pink Snakeskin *Final sale*


SAMI NY Clothing

This dress is literally a jack of all trades. We designed it after some friends have asked us for a swim dress that doesn’t look like a swim dress. Hence the name, brunch to beach. You can wear it to sunflower cafe for brunch (expect compliments), then head to the pool (quick dry fabric), and then to your night out in the city (just throw on a pair of cute heels). The fabric is also wrinkle free, so feel free to toss it in your suitcase and forget about it until you need it. 
We just don’t recommend wearing it for your swim competition. The excess fabric will weigh you down and may cause you to lose the race. However, it’s perfect for chilling in the pool, running after your kids, and light laps. 

Designed to cover knees on 5’ 6” frame and under. Length is approximately 41 inches. 

Fabric: polyester/spandex. 

Care: Machine wash regular cycle. Hang dry.